Restless Nights and Stiffness – Irene Green

Category: Insomnia/Sleep Apnea, Patient Testimonials • May 23 2008

I started coming into “Alternacare Health and Rehab” because I had heard such great things about the clinic, and thought that they could help me.
I had suffered with restless nights and stiffness for years, and was ready to try anything to get better. I had suffered with the restless nights for 10 years before I started my care here. I would only nap at night. The most I would sleep at a time would be an hour or two.
Over the years, I started having a lot of stiffness, and it was very hard for me to move around. I had to start walking with a cane 2 years ago to help me walk and move better.
After my first treatment at “Alternacare Health and Rehab” I was able to sleep the whole night through that night. I was amazed. I had family members who came into my bedroom the next morning to check on me because I was not up before everyone else. Then only a week later I could see a huge difference. I was not as stiff and I was able to move around better.
Week after week I kept seeing the results. I was sleeping at night. I was able to move and walk. I no longer have to walk with my cane! I can lay down now without having horrible pain! I had to stop driving 4 years ago because I was unable. After weeks of care I am able to get back in the driver’s seat, which is a wonderful feeling!
I traveled a long distance to come to “Alternacare Health and Rehab”, but it was worth it to get results without having to take medication. The care I received was perfect. I cannot express how grateful I am to “Alternacare Health and Rehab” and the staff there. It was well worth the drive from Augusta, Georgia to Sharpsburg, Georgia for the treatment and care!!
Irene Green.

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