Reduce Your Chance of the Common Cold

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Reduce Your Chance of the Common Cold

Reduce Your Chance of the Common Cold

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1 to 2 times per week do the following to help reduce your chance of contracting the common cold.

1. Lay on your side and pour hydrogen peroxide in the ear. It will start bubbling like crazy–this is normal.

2. Lay there until the bubbling slows by about 50%

Reduce Your Chance of the Common Cold

3. Put a towel over the ear with the hydrogen peroxide in it and turnover on your side. Let the peroxide drain, sit up and blow in your ear with a blow dryer to help it dry faster.

4. Lay back on your side with the ear that just had the hydrogen peroxide up. Add 3 drops of colloidal silver and lay for 3 minutes.

5. Do the same thing for the other ear.


Bacteria and viruses can build up in the ear canal and eustachian tube.Reduce Your Chance of the Common Cold

This procedure helps to clean and disinfect the ear canal and ear drum reducing inflammation and reducing pathogenic stress to the eustachian tube.

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