QUICK WEIGHT LOSS TIP #2/20: Drink Before You Sink

Category: Articles, Blog • Sep 10 2013

Continued from our first quick weight loss blog!

Drinking a low calorie warm soup broth, such as an organic vegetable soup, before a meal may help to reduce the amount of calories you eat during that meal. This works very well especially at dinner time. After a long day of work you may come home feeling stressed. Being stressed can cause an increase in the fat storing, hunger producing hormone cortisol. A warm cup of soup is calming to the stomach and body, which supports a reduction in cortisol. In addition, the soup is filling and your stomach sends messages to your brain telling it that it is getting full. In conclusion, a cup of warm vegetable, miso or chicken soup before dinner may be a great tip to help reduce overall mealtime calories and encourage healthy weight loss..

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