QUICK WEIGHT LOSS TIP #1/20: Purge Your Pantry

Category: Articles, Blog • Aug 28 2013

If it’s not in your home you probably won’t eat it so why not discard or at the least donate the food items that are bad for you. A quick weight loss patient said to me once, “I can’t throw that out, it’s food.” The definition of food is, “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.” The question I had for my patient was, “Is a Twinkie nutritious and can it maintain life and growth.” Of course not. Eating a diet high in junk food could contribute to developing diseases such as; diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If it doesn’t meet the definition of food and it can cause disease what is it? It’s poison. Now the body can tolerate a little bit of poison but when poison (junk food) becomes an all too familiar item in your pantry, it’s time to Purge Your Pantry!

So go into your pantry and just get rid of everything you know that is bad for you. If it’s not there you will be less likely to eat it. In addition, if you feel bad about throwing it out and you want to donate the food item, then bring it to my office. Not for us to eat silly. We have donated over 12,500 food items to the One Roof Food Bank of Newnan to help the less fortunate. So either get rid of it or donate it but please clean out your pantry. Sometimes you have to clean your grocery list up and clean your pantry out before you can clean your body out and lose weight.

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