Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse

It’s that time of year again! Tricks, treats and parasite cleansing!

Disclaimer:  The information in this post is purely education.  It is not a treatment for parasitic infection.  If you feel you have a parasitic infection please consult your licensed healthcare practitioner for help.

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How do you cleanse parasites from the body using pumpkin seeds?  Definitely watch the above video but if you prefer text then I’m going to give you the step by step below.

First off, did you know pumpkin seeds are HIGHLY anti- parasitic?

On top of being loaded with Magnesium, and Zinc, pumpkin seeds contain two amazing compounds that can help cleanse the body of parasites.

The first is Cucurbitins, which paralyzes the parasites and stop them from hiding in your body. The second is Tetracyclic triterpenes, which actually purges the parasites from your body.

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Steps for Doing a Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse

  1. Pour your pumpkin seeds into a bowl of filtered water.
  2. Remove any that float at the top of the water–if they float they will make you bloat.
  3. Soak pumpkin seeds overnight at room temperature.
  4. The next morning drain and rinse your seeds.
  5. Thoroughly chew 1/4 cup of the raw, soaked pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach.
  6. Wait 30 minutes until you eat.
  7. Do the above process for 15 days in a row and then take a 5 day break. Do this for a total of 3 cycles of 15 on and 5 off.
  8. If you have gallbladder problems, diverticulosis or diverticulitis then don’t do this cleanse. 

Notes on Doing a Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse

Add your pumpkin seeds to a bowl of water. Any pumpkin seeds that are floating at the top of the water you want to remove to avoid abdominal bloating.

Floating pumpkin seeds are essentially rancid and shouldn’t be consumed.

The next step is to soak your pumpkin seeds overnight in water to help them become super effective in the body.

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Pumpkin seeds contain anti-nutrients that bind to the good nutrients in them. Soaking the seeds overnight will get rid of the anti- nutrients, which means you will only get the good stuff when you eat them!

Once your pumpkin seeds are ready for lift off, you want to start your morning off on an empty stomach eating 1/4 cup of raw, soaked pumpkin seeds.

You should follow this regimen for 15 days and then take a 5 day break. You should repeat this cycle 3 times.

Taking the 5 day break each cycle is crucial because it allows unhatched parasitic eggs to hatch, GROSS, but don’t worry the next round of pumpkin seeds will knock them out!

Pumpkin seeds do have a high fat content, so if you have issues with your gallbladder or have diverticulitis you will want to avoid eating them. If your body can tolerate seeds with a high fat content then happy cleansing!

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