Pink Salt – Is There Really a Difference?

Category: Blog, Videos • Feb 16 2017

Pink Salt: Is it really worth spending the extra money on pink salt?  Is the true effect on your health really that significant?  Find out in this short but fun video.


Pink Salt – Is There Really a Difference?


The Comparison

Firstly, these two salts are VERY different and here’s why!

White Salt is manufactured crude salt that is cooked at very high temperatures.  This leaves the salt make-up changing extremely, at 97.5% sodium chloride, and 2.5% other stuff.  What’s more, when you digest white salt, it forms a crystallization in your blood that actually cuts the blood vessel. This leads to major health complications.

 Pink Salt is known as white gold.  It is held deep in the earth and is free from any disease, toxins, chemicals, parasites, etc.  What’s more, this salt contains 84 different nutritional substances that are amazing for your body.

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