Our International Patients and Clients

If you were sent to this page it’s because you are an International Patient or Client.

Please watch ALL of the below video and Dr. Rob will explain what you need to do.


The purpose of this paragraph is to explain a bit more as to what’s occurring on our end.


  • We DON’T have enough employees to do the $19 Root Cause Assessments or Phone Consultations on international patients.
  • We DO have enough doctors to review the results of the Nano Hair Tests on international patients.
  • There are currently two choices as indicated below:
    • 1) You can purchase the below Nano Hair Test
    • 2) You can receive a refund of your $19 or $10 payment

There are two options:

Option 1:  Nano Hair Test + Consultation with Doctor to Review Results

    Nano Hair Test

    ✔ only $368, Normally $695

     You Save $327

    ✔ Yes, Doctor Consultation

      Yes, Customized Initial Program Step

Pay for Test w/Consult, $368

Option 2: Refund

    Simply check the box in the below form indicating that you’d like a refund and submit the form to us and we’ll take care of it.

The Nano Hair Test

Click Here to View a Sample NanoScan Report —> Complete Toxic, Liver, Hormonal and Pathogen Nano Scan PDF

Why is the Nano Hair Test so amazing?

Because it is the primary tool that we use in our office to get great results.

Is it different?  Yes. 

But is it awesome, YES!

Personally, I’m OK with something different providing it gets great results.

This  International Special Will Go Away Soon

Pay for Test w/Consult, $368

You Save $327


  1. Pay for your Nano Hair Test online.
  2. You will receive an email containing your paperwork and instructions for submitting your hair sample.
  3. Mail your hair sample to us.  The address will be included in the instructions.
  4. Your sample will be analyzed and a report will be created.
  5. Your report will be emailed  to the email address you provided.
  6. The entire process usually takes 4 to 7 days once we received your sample.
  7. We will set up a Zoom Video Call with you so the doctor can review your results and provide his/her recommendations.

The same exact technology (Nano Scan) I use on my patients every day, I used to help myself.

The Nano Hair Test is one of a kind, identifying the potential Cause to your weight and/or health concern.  Most patients are amazed with the results!

Don’t wait until you get worse. Be the Best Version of You!  Get Healthy Now!

Pay for Your Nano Hair Test Online Now and Take Your First Big Step Towards Healing

Pay for Test w/Consult, $368

Offer Ends Soon

Purchase Test:  If you wish to purchase the NanoScan hair test please fill out the below form and make your payment.

Receive a Refund:  If you wish to receive a full refund please mark the appropriate circle below indicating that you would like a refund but DO NOT fill out your credit card information but please fill out the rest of the form and we will process your refund.

Nano Hair Test + Full Test Report + Doctor Consultation

  • Price: $368.00
    Purchase additional tests and consultations at the discounted rate for friends and family members.
  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

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