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Category: Blog, Videos • Apr 20 2017

If you are struggling to lose weight or the weight always comes back then this video tip is 100% for you.  It is one of the simplest weight loss tips, however, if you fully embrace it, then it is by far, one of the most powerful.  It is what helped me transform myself from a super fatso pugg-master to having pride in my appearance.  Please enjoy and share with a friend.  Much Love, Dr. Rob


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Weight loss can be such a struggle.  So many of us look for weight loss tips or quick weight loss solutions but we come up short.  The truth is when you really want to lose weight and keep that weight off then the mindset or viewpoint needs to change.  If you are constantly trying to solve the “problem” of being overweight and it doesn’t solve, then being overweight is probably not the problem.  Yes, as crazy as that sounds.  If you are constantly working on weight loss and you are not able to lose the weight and keep it off then weight is not the problem.

Imagine you have a leak coming from your kitchen ceiling.  Every morning you go into the kitchen and mop the floor.  But still every morning you have water on the floor.  So you change your weight loss tips alternacare newnanapproach.  Instead of mopping you purchase super absorbent pads and place them on the floor thinking to yourself that will certainly soak up all the water and solve the problem.  However, the next morning there is still water on your floor.  Well, you can keep on and on but the water on the floor is not the problem.  The leak in the ceiling causing the water to be on the kitchen floor is the
problem.  So you can use all the weight loss tips, quick weight loss gimmicks out there but if in the morning you still have a problem with your weight then let me assure you, weight is not the problem.

In the above video I give truly one of my best weight loss tips ever.  It is a concept and when applied it can really be life changing.  So stop moping the floor and start getting to the cause of your weight and or health problem.

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