rhonda rollisn

My high blood pressure was the main reason I came into Alternacare but I was also having breathing issues, weight gain and keloids.  I didn’t really hold out much hope that they could help with my keloids but I really wanted them gone.  My doctor prescribed Lisinopin for my blood pressure and within 3 weeks I was in the emergency room in anaphylactic shock.  I could have died from this side effect and refused to take anymore of that medication.  For the keloids I had cortisone shots, gel scar sheets, acupuncture, cleanses, basically everything except surgery but nothing worked for me.  At my worst, I always felt sluggish, tired and stressed out.  The keloids significantly impacted my self esteem in a negative way.  It’s hard to describe how ugly they made me feeL and people can be extremely rude and mean while being curious.  As a result, I would never wear sleeveless clothes or anything to expose those areas on my chest or back.  I wasn’t able to participate in activities like hikes and kayaking because of my blood pressure and weight either.

After I received treatment at Alternacare my blood pressure is normal without medication, my breathing is normal, my weight is normal and my keloids seem slightly better.  I have lost 30 pounds and roughly 12% body fat.  I feel like I have more energy and my co- workers say they can tell a difference in my energy level too.  My eyes are brighter and I have reduced anxiety and definitely don’t “lose it” as easily as I use to.  Thank you Alternacare!

Rhonda Rollins.

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