Numbness, Fatigue, Dry Scalp, Moodiness, and Weight

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Initially, when I came to Alternacare, I was suffering from isolated numbness in my left arm and leg. I went to an Internist and she could not find anything. She referred me to a neurologist. Although I passed many test, it was still inconclusive what was wrong with me. He then wanted me to do an MRI and nerve conduction testing. Since it was not guaranteed if they would find anything, I decided not to do those and decided to come to Alternacare. Little did I know, what I originally came in for, connected all of my problems- fatigue, dry scalp, moodiness, and weight that would not shed off.
Currently, I have been under Dr. Poli’s supervision for five months, my numbness is gone, I have more energy, and my clothes have fit better. I cannot say enough how the whole staff treated me. I would recommend people give holistic care a try and hopefully change their outlook on life.

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