Non-Traditional Thyroid Testing-Finding the Cause

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Is Your Thyroid Problem Really a Thyroid Problem or an Adrenal Problem?

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Thyroid vs Adrenal Evaluation

Using four important tests you can find out the root cause of your thyroid problems. The following tests help to identify where there is breakdown in thyroid hormone production. The thyroid is responsible for controlling your bodies metabolism. If your thyroid is weak or stressed it will not produce the hormone T4 that is necessary to travel to the liver to be turned into T3. T3 is a hormone that helps the body to burn fat, lose weight, have good brain function, and good energy.

The first reason there could be a breakdown with thyroid hormone production is Iodine. The best way to test if you are iron deficient is a 24 Hour Urinary Iodine Test. Your body only needs so much Iodine, so by taking the Iodine tablet from the test kit you can find whether Iodine is the root cause of your thyroid problem. The way this test works is super simple. As mentioned above, you take the Iodine tablet, collect your urine for twenty-four hours and if your body retains majority of the Iodine provided then your body desperately needed it.

The second test looks into what is blocking the Iodine from entering the thyroid. This could be Mercury, Bromine, Fluorine, or Chlorine. Mercury toxicities can be tested by a hair analysis. You just send a sample of your hair to the lab and they can test to see if your body has too much Mercury.

Test tubes

To test whether Bromine, Fluorine, or Chlorine is the root cause for your Iodine deficiency you can also use the 24 Hour Urinary Iodine Test. The Iodine tablet causes any Bromine, Chlorine, and Fluorine toxicities to be excreted in your urine, which will also pick up on the test analysis.

“Bromine, Fluorine and Chlorine can Interfere with Thyroid Function” ~ Dr. Rob

The final method to finding the root cause of a thyroid problem is to see if your body is producing too much Cortisol. Excess Cortisol in the body interferes with T4 production. Too much Cortisol can also interfere with T3 production in the liver. The best way to check for too much Cortisol is the 24 Hour Urinary Iodine Test. The reason this test would be useful is because the body can excrete Cortisol all throughout the day and night, therefore getting a twenty- four hour look at your Cortisol levels is crucial.

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