Neck, Lower Back and Leg Pain – Katherine Mull

Category: Uncategorized • Jun 3 2008

KatherineMull.jpgFor a year and a half (547 days) I have have been suffering with low back pain, neck pain and leg pain.
The pain and spasms would be in my back then move down my knee. The pain in my neck was all over my neck area. I could not sleep more than 3-4 hours per night. I could not even do my house work. Mopping the floor would put me down for days.
I went to a doctor that prescribed me different pain medications.
But after going to Alternacare Health & Rehab I started seeing results in 2 weeks, only 14 days. I first noticed my sleep was so much better. Then 1 month after that I noticed big difference. Now I am able to do my house work and sleep and now I am not so tired as I used to be. Also, I am able to move my head again.

Katherine Mull


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