“MY WHOLE SELF IMAGE HAS IMPROVED!” Heartburn and Hiatal Hernia Improved and Lost 25 Pounds!

When I came Alternacare I was having problems with my weight, I was 154 lbs. On top of the weight issues I suffered from a hiatal hernia, which caused me to constantly throw up, as well as experience terrible heartburn. I felt very defeated and not good about myself, and that I was never going to lose weight. It was also difficult to not hurt all the time, having a hernia. I had tried several other diets, worked out excessively, 3 x week for one year, and could never get lower than 142 lbs.

After just a short time, all of my symptoms have improved! I am down to 129 lbs, LOST 25 POUNDS. I accomplished something that I felt, since I was 25 years old, wasn’t possible again for me to do! My whole self image has improved!

Maria Frith


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