I’m Down 25 Pounds and My Self-Esteem has Improved!

Jodi Before and After

I just wanted to say that my results so far have been fantastic! My self-esteem has improved (this alone is worth the care)!  My heartburn, mental clarity, motivation, digestion (no more “bathroom” issues) have all completely improved and I’m sleeping much better.  I’m down about 25lbs and have about 6 more to go.  The fact that I live in NJ and that we have been able to do this all long distance without me having to step into the clinic is amazing to me.   It has been such a great experience!  Pam is so knowledgeable and really helped answer all my questions and get me started on the program.  The staff are all fantastic and I’m so thankful for Dr. Rob and his assistance with my weight loss and improved health!

Thank you so much! Jodi A..

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