My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential Oils

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There are many benefits to using essential oils. Essential oils are parts of certain plants that utilizes plant extracts to support health and well-being. Below are my 3 favorite essential oils I recommend  for the thyroid.

First you need to locate your thyroid. On a man you will find the the Adam’s apple, in a woman it’s the same place without the bump, and you will go right below that bump. To the right and left of that is the thyroid. My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential Oils

ROSE GERANIUM: Rose Geranium reduces inflammation around the thyroid gland. Almost every thyroid case as has component of inflammation around the thyroid. You want to  apply one drop to both sides of the thyroid gland each morning when you rise.

My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential Oils

LEMON: Lemon essential oil is great for mental focus and concentration and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Use 1 drop applied to the thyroid immediately after the Rose Geranium if brain fog is present.

My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential Oils

CHAMOMILE: If anxiety is present you will also us chamomile essential oils. Chamomile is beneficial for anxiety, and stress levels. Use 1 drop applied to the thyroid immediately after the Lemon Grass. My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential OilsLAVENDER: If you have significant anxiety you will want use lavender or a lavender blend essential oil. Lavender is outstanding for creating a calming and tranquil state of mind. You will us this on the tip of your middle finger, the palm of your hand, and below the wrist. You will rub those areas 30 seconds clockwise.

My 3 Favorite Thyroid Essential Oils

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