Migraines, Neck, Shoulder, Back, and TMJ Pain – Shandell Woods

Category: Headaches, Patient Testimonials • May 26 2008

I began coming to “Alternacare Health and Rehab” in July 2004. A friend, who had listened to my complaints of migraines, neck, shoulder and back pains and difficulties with my TMJ, referred me to this clinic. As a teacher, my stress level was very high and my body had felt the impact of that stress since my youngest child had been born six years ago. I took headache medications, all the brands of “PM” pills and even had a few muscle relaxers, at times. I thought our mattress was to blame since my symptoms returned each night. The TMJ problem caused my jaw to click and lock almost daily. I bought an over the counter mouth guard to help sleep with, in hopes of stopping the grinding or clinching of my teeth.
After only nine adjustments, I was symptom free! I feel great! After, seeing how the treatments work so well, I have had my three children start treatment. I am looking forward to a winter with no visits to the pediatrician for ADHD, tummy aches, colds, leg cramps, or constant nosebleeds.
On many days, I still have stress as a teacher, but my body handles it much better now that I have my spine aligned and not pinching those precious nerves that need to tell my body how to respond.
I feel wonderful, and by the way, I didn’t even need to buy a new mattress!
Shandell Woods.

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