Meat Loaf

Category: Blog, Recipes • May 14 2012

–2 pounds grass fed beef.
–½ onion.
–1 small green pepper chopped—good source of vitamin C so it feeds the glands.
–2/3 cup bread crumbs (if you are gluten intolerant Gillian’s Bread Crumbs are an excellent substitute).
–2 eggs
–1 tsp ground thyme
–¼ tsp Real Salt
–1/8 tsp black pepper
–1 cup tomato ketchup
–Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Add all the ingredients to a large bowl.  Mix with your hands until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.  The mixture should feel slightly sticky.  Add the mixture to a baking pan with 2-inch sides and form into a loaf.  Make an indention longitudinally along the top of the loaf.  Fill this with additional tomato ketchup.  Bake for about 1.25 hours.  By Keith Tindall from White Egret Farm.


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