Low Back Pain – Pete Cobb

Category: Joint Pain/Arthritis, Patient Testimonials • May 15 2008

I had been suffering from low back pain for 5 years, before I started my care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”.
In my line of work, I do a lot of physical activity, and over the years the work took it’s toll on me. My low back pain would be so bad at times that I had sharp, shooting pains going from my lower back, down my legs, and into my feet. The other times I just had backaches that would cause so much pain that I would be unable to work, sleep, or do any other activity. I had to completely stop working for 2 months because of the pain.
I went to 5 different doctors and all I received were a lot of pain pills and muscle relaxers. When the RX’s didn’t help the pain, I had to start having epidurals done. I had a total of 7 epidurals. The pain was so bad that the most I relief I got from one of the epidurals was only for a month, and the other 6 did not help.
I came into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” and after 4 weeks of treatment I felt like a new man. I feel like I am 10 years younger. My backaches have improved 100%. I no longer have any of the shooting pains down my legs and into my feet. I was able to go back to working like I had before. I was able to sleep much better at night. I was able to start doing activities that I enjoyed very much, and had been forced to stop doing due to the pain.
I think that Chiropractic care is marvelous. It has changed my life for the better, and done things that I didn’t think were possible.
Pete Cobb.

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