I lost 48 pounds and I have reduced my Synthroid 3 times!


When I first came to AlternaCare I was overweight. I have been on Synthroid most of my life. I constantly tried to lose weight by counting calories. I ate “Fresh in Fit” prepared meals “Healthy Mix” for 5 days a week and went to “Curves” for exercise until my arthritis hurt too much. At my worst, I felt ugly, awkward, miserable, and I had trouble finding clothes to fit. My weight made me self-conscious in my job as I am very much in the public eye.

After coming to Alternacare I have lost 48 pounds, and my Synthroid has been reduced 3 times! I have more energy, reduced anxiety and I am wearing smaller clothes!  I am getting compliments about being “pretty”, losing weight, and people are complimenting me about having self-control for losing so much!  -Janet Reed

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