Lost 43 lbs! Joint Pain Improved! More Energy!

Category: Blog, Fatigue, Joint Pain/Arthritis, Weight Problems • Jun 10 2014








Prior to coming to Alternacare, I had weight I wanted to lose, a lack of energy, and joint pain. I had tried going organic, a low carb diet, and essential oils. I felt fat, had low energy, a lot of joint pain. I was grouchy and would snap at the family. I didn’t want to go out of the house or be around anyone. Everything and everyone would get on my nerves.

As a patient at Alternacare, I have lost 43 pounds! My joint pain has improved. I sleep through the night and feel well rested. I have much more energy, and I’m not embarrassed by my weight. Overall, I feel great! —Cathryn Hagan

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