I Lost 42 Pounds, I Have More Energy, My Sleep Has Improved and I’m Off My Insulin!

Category: Diabetes, Fatigue, Insomnia/Sleep Apnea, Weight Problems • Aug 11 2014


Kevin Burgess After cropped









The main reason I came to Alternacare was because I was overweight and had diabetes.  For 12 years I walked 3.5 to 5 miles per workday and could not lose any weight.  I was depressed, sluggish and had no motivation to do projects.  I slept late every day and had muscle aches and pains and headaches frequently.  I hated shopping for clothes and watched too much TV.

After coming to Alternacare I have completed two large home improvement projects and two woodworking projects.  I have improved my friendship with my neighbors and actually made a large number of new friends.  I began going to church again!  I lost 42 pounds, have more energy, my sleep has improved and I have come off of my insulin shots!

Kevin Burgess.

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