When I first came into Alternacare my main priority was to lose weight.  I had tried everything in the past including Weight Watchers, exercise and even prescription medications to lose weight but nothing helped.  I was very depressed when I looked in the mirror and would just cry at what I saw.  I did not socialize or go out very much and became a robot in my life by getting up, going to work and coming home.  I was very moody and did not want to be around anyone.  After I started receiving treatment at Alternacare I found a new love for shopping!  I have made some new friends and reconnected with some old friends.  I can stop and look in the mirror without crying and actually like what I see now! So far I have lost 36 pounds and my goal is 100 which I now know is totally achievable! I’m off my anti depressant and I have energy to play with my son who is 7. I now sleep soundly almost every night and don’t wake up tired anymore. I actually like the person I see now!

Rebecca Christ


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