Lost 36 Pounds! No More Insomnia! No Joint Pain! Energy is Restored!

Patricia R2Patricia R


Prior to coming to AlternaCare, I was not feeling myself and unable to lose weight. I had bloating, insomnia, low energy, and joint pain. I was always tired, more tired and achy when I got up than when I went to bed. Nothing I did made me lose weight. Dieting made me gain weight and bloat! I didn’t feel like doing much, not even my favorite activities.

Since I started with AlternaCare, EVERYTHING has improved. My energy slowly came back, sleeping improved, digestion was better, there was no more bloating, and no more joint aches. I changed back to me. I don’t feel I’m 100 years old anymore! I have lost 36 pounds, eliminated all of my medications, and my sleep and energy have improved. – Patricia Runnacles

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