Brenda Sparks

I came into Alternacare because I felt horrible all the time. I was bloated, tired, and had no motivation in my life. I had no energy for anything and was fast to gain weight. I tried hormonal therapy, different herbs and supplements, most of which I saw on T.V. programs, but they didn’t help. I bought an elliptical to exercise but gave up because I wasn’t seeing results. At my worst I was exhausted. I had no motivation to do anything including playing with my grandchildren, something I love doing! I felt so bad I didn’t ever want to leave the house. I was very unhappy and not easy to be around I’m sure.

After I received treatment at Alternacare I have a much happier life overall. I have lost 35 pounds! I’m more active, I love doing things now and I spend more time with family. My marriage is even better because I’m not so short with my spouse and it’s easier to be more patient and smile like the old days. I have lots more energy, I’m sleeping better and I’m getting off hormones!

Brenda Sparks


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