My Friends and Family Noticed a Huge Difference! LOST 44 POUNDS! HOT FLASHES and HEADACHES GONE! MORE ENERGY!

My poor health was the main thing that brought me to Alternacare.  I suffered with weight gain, sinus problems, hot flashes and headaches.  I tried all kinds of diets, even diet pills with no success.  I felt so bad I missed 3 weeks of work in November and I didn’t think I was ever going to be normal again.  My health was really affecting my work and family life in a negative way.  After I received treatment from Alternacare my hot flashes were gone.  I lost 44 pounds and my family and friends noticed a huge difference in me.  My headaches are gone and I can exercise now without knee pain.  I would definitely refer Alternacare to everyone.

Kathy Hines.

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