I lost 30 pounds! No more migraines and sleep is improved!

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I came to Alternacare because of weight gain, migraines, and sleeping problems. I was already feeling bad, the death of my mother learning a new job, suffering from sickness frequently (working in kindergarten), and having pericarditis were all making my life very stressful. Stress, during an already difficult season added to my sad season of life. I began to feel like a failure because of my weight gain and also just felt bad most of the time.  No matter what I tried I couldn’t pull myself up and get on track. I tried Plexus and gained more weight. for me, it did not work. I needed help to get back on track after life changing events caused me to gain weight, feel bad, lose sleep and experience migraines. Alternacare was my salvation (again). I have lost 30 pounds! I am eating healthy again, walking regularly. My sleep is regular. My migraines have improved. I no longer take Ibuprofen or Tylenol. I am focused on myself and health for the future. I meal prep every day. I don’t want to be caught without food I can eat. I eat fresh food. I shop the perimeter of the store now.  – Maurena Walker

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