Before I came into Alternacare I suffered from weight gain, hot flashes and fatigue.  I tried black cohash and other herbal supplements including teas to help my hot flashes.  I also took multiple vitamins for extra energy but nothing seem to help.  The hot flashes felt like an incinerator had been turned on inside my body and couldn’t be turned off.  My energy level was very low and I usually felt most fatigued in the mid afternoon.  The hot flashes made me feel miserable and the sweating was embarrassing.  I couldn’t rest at night and lost a lot of sleep which made me feel tired and fatigued daily.  The weight gain was so heavy hardly any of my clothes fit.

As a result of getting treatment here at Alternacare and taking my supplements I’m sleeping though the night and my hot flashes are gone.  I have a lot more energy and have lost weight by following the weight loss program.  I have lost around 30 pounds, I have a lot more energy, my sleep is improved and my anxiety has been reduced.

Bronda Lewis.

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