Lost 29 Pounds! Relief from Hot Flashes! Quality of Life Improved!


I came to Alternacare out of desperation for relief from the hot flashes, nausea, and anxiety that was impacting my quality of life. Weight loss was impossible, and I was experiencing brain fog, lack of motivation, and forgetfulness. During my hot flashes I would feel desperate, over-the-top hot, agitated, and anxious. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. After it passed, all was back to normal, but they happened frequently and randomly. I also felt heavy, slow, and uncomfortably full all the time. I experienced migraines and relentless chocolate cravings. I had no mental fortitude to complete multi-step tasks. I cooked only simple meals, procrastinated house cleaning, and was overwhelmed when trying to work my business. As a result, my family’s nutrition suffered, my home was a mess, and my business suffered. I couldn’t complete a work out or join my family’s hiking outings. I went to a neurologist for my migraines and endurance issues. The headaches improved with medication. I tried eating a clean diet, but when I had no improvements, I hit the sugar again. I also tried several workout programs but couldn’t keep up.

Now that I am working with Alternacare, the scale is moving and the hot flashes have reduced. The nausea is all but gone! It was slow moving at first, but I was committed to doing my best. When I started seeing results, it helped me dig in more because it was WORKING! I have lost 29 pounds and greatly reduced my migraine medication. My endurance has increased, and my anxiety has decreased.—Lisa Skaggs.

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