Lost 26 1/2 pounds! Improved Energy! Medication reduced!










I came to Alternacare because of weight gain that I couldn’t get it off with exercise. I was tired all the time and sluggish.  It was very difficult to get motivated to do anything. I was on antidepressants and thyroid medication that was being monitored and tracked. My primary doctor had sent me for sleep apnea evaluation which came back very mild. Even with the machine I didn’t feel any better. When I exercised I never felt the mood boost that a lot of people have from it. For a long time I felt I had adrenal fatigue but couldn’t get my doctor to address that issue. Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 26 1/2 pounds! I have more energy! My clothes fit much better and I feel I look better! My thyroid and antidepressants have been reduced! Cheryl Reed.

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