I Lost 24 Pounds, My Energy Is Back, I Feel Like Myself!!

Category: Fatigue, Memory/Brain Issues, Weight Problems • Apr 12 2014

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The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare was weight issues, fatigue and brain fog. I had complete physicals but the doctor said I was healthy.  Still I felt terrible and was having trouble making it through the day.  I tried several diets that were supposed to alleviate my symptoms but nothing helped.  I felt exhausted and old.  I was tired, achy and had brain fog all of the time.  All I wanted to do was rest.  It was hard to handle the stress from my job and I felt drained and spent.  Other than work, I didn’t have the energy for anything else.

After I came to Alternacare I lost 24 pounds and became much more productive at work. No more brain fog and my energy last all day.  I have been able to get back into my walking routine.  I love how good I feel!  I don’t feel old anymore!  I feel like myself!

Candi Roberts



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