Wearing Clothes from Over 15 Years Ago! Sinus Problems Diminished! Energy Increased!


When I first came into Alternacare I had sinus problems, irritability and low energy but my main goal was to lose weight.  I tried several things to alleviate my symptoms such as changing my diet and exercising.  I saw the doctor about my sinus and ear pain but he told me there was nothing wrong but to take Nasonex daily.  I felt sluggish, moody, irritable and just plain tired all the time.  All I wanted to do was sleep but couldn’t with a 3 and 5 year old.  I was crabby and almost unbearable to be around.

After treatment at Alternacare I lost 20 pounds and I’m down 4 pant sizes.  I am wearing clothes from over 15 years ago!  My sinus problems were diminished and my irritability subsided.  I would recommend Alternacare to my friends and family members.  

Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo


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