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 FDA Approved Galvanic Skin Response Test is

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Pay for $19 GSR Test

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  • Includes a consultation with our Naturopath or Certified Health Coach

  • Comprehensive FDA Approved GSR Test

  • Report of Findings with Recommendations

What’s Galvanic Skin Response Testing?

Definition: The galvanic skin response (GSR) is a change in the state of the skin that can occur as a result of stress.

An extreme example of this would be a person’s hands sweating because they are stressed about an interview.

We use this FDA approved *GSR testing procedure to identify the organs and/or glands in your body that are under the most stress.

Often, the super stressed organs and glands can be the Root of a Person Weight or Health Concern.

*Important:  Our GSR testing device is the only FDA approved, class II wellness scanner available today.  However, GSR testing is not a method to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

GSR Tests are Only $19-When You Pay Online!

Test Price is Normally $195 [You Save $176]

This Offer Will Go Away Midnight Tonight

Pay for $19 GSR Test

We Will Call you ASAP and Get You Scheduled!

This $19 Special Includes

  • A Detailed GSR Test with our FDA Approved Device will Test the Following Body Parts:

    • Thyroid gland (weight, hair & nails)

    • Adrenal glands (weight, energy & sleep)

    • Liver (weight, arthritis & cholesterol)

    • Ovaries (weight, PMS, menopause)

    • Brain (brain fog, depression & anxiety)

    • Pancreas (your diabetes organ)

    • Stomach (gastritis & ulcers)

    • Small intestines (bloating & heartburn)

    • Large intestines (leaky gut & IBS)

    • Pituitary gland (hormonal balance)

    • Pineal gland (your sleep gland)

    • Kidneys (swelling & inflammation)

    • Spleen (immune function)

    • Heart (blood pressure)

    • Lungs (asthma & COPD)

    • Sinuses (allergies)

    • Lymph (immune & weight loss)

    • Areas of pain and/or inflammation

    • Note: You are completely clothed throughout the exam

  • An additional Consultation with Our Naturopath or Certified Health Coach

  • A Free Report of Findings Covering What the Holistic GSR Zyto Scan Found

  • A Free Health Investment Estimation–Before You Start Anything We’ll Give You the Costs Up Front.

  • This is normally $195 depending on the complexity of your case but until midnight tonight it’s only $19.

Normally Exam is up to $195. Until Midnight Tonight it’s only $19!

Pay for $19 GSR Test

The same exact technology we use on our patients every day, I used to help myself.

This procedure is one of a kind.  Most patients have said that they have never experienced anything like it.

Don’t wait until you get worse.

Be the Best Version of You!  Get Healthy Now!

Super Special: If you Pay for Your Exam Online Today it is Only $19! Save Up To $176

Pay for $19 GSR Test

We Will Call You ASAP and Get You Scheduled!

If you are local just come into the clinic and we’ll test you right here.

If you are long distance we will use the Zyto GSR Hand Cradle and test you at home.

The Zyto GSR Cradle will be mailed to your house or if you are local you can pick it up curbside and requires a $250.00 Fully Refundable Deposit.

The Zyto GSR test is the only class II FDA approved wellness scanner available today.

The Zyto GSR test helps to identify organs or glands in the body that are excessively stressed.

Once we identify the main organs or glands that are stressed we will give you recommendations that may be for specific holistic lab tests or other recommendations.

The Zyto is an FDA Cleared Medical Device and operates off a very high degree of accuracy.

Included with your GSR test is a consultation with either Pam DeBease, who is a Traditional Naturopath or our Certified Health Coach Taneka Davis, CHC.  They will review the results of the GSR, provide you with a report of findings and provide an estimation of future costs.

Super Special: If you Pay for Your GSR Test Online Today it is Only $19! Save Up To $176

Pay for $19 GSR Test

We Will Call You ASAP and Get You Scheduled!

GSR Zyto Test

GSR New Patient Special

  • Price: $39.00
    Normally $195 for new patients. Save $156. Purchase as many as you'd like.
  • Price: $250.00
    LOCAL COMING IN: If you are coming into the office you don't need to provide a GSR Hand Cradle Deposit.

    LOCAL NOT COMING IN: If you're local but prefer to be tested at home you can pick the device up curbside or we can mail it to you. In either case you will need to provide a $250 fully refundable deposit.

    LONG DISTANCE: If you are long distance we will mail the Zyto GSR Hand Cradle to you and you will need to pay a $250 deposit. We cover shipping in the 48 contiguous states.

    You will be responsible for the cost to ship it back to us once you are done with the device. Shipping costs can vary between $8.00-$15.00. We will fully refund your $250 once we receive the Zyto Hand Cradle. If you choose to keep the cradle longer than 30 days you'll be charged a very small fee of $49 per month for a rental fee. By making this purchase you agree to all of the above.
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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

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