Liver Problems, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, No Sex Drive, Insomnia, Depression

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I feel like a new person! I was beginning to lose hope in ever being healthy again and felt like I was actually dying.   I suffered from liver problems, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, no sex drive, insomnia and severe depression.   I WAS A TOTAL WRECK!   Not only did I feel awful, it was a challenge just to get out of bed and face another day of feeling miserable.  I knew something was wrong and wanted help.  I had an overwhelming sense of knowing what I was experiencing on a daily basis was not the healthy quality of life I should have.   I went to my doctor for help and after taking a series of lab tests that confirmed my symptoms and conditions, I became more depressed.   I was not happy with the type of traditional treatment of numerous prescribed medications where the side effects were just damaging and would make me feel even worse.

A friend actually listened to me one day, told me about Alternacare and suggested I go to one of their workshops for more information.   I had some background on the holistic approach to health and wellness, so based on that and through prayer and faith I headed out for the workshop.  Every one of the symptoms I was experiencing was touched upon by Dr. Rob during the workshop.  I knew right then that this was what I was looking for and what I needed.   My consultation with Pam and Dr. Rob gave me hope again.   I received excellent educational advice on how the body works and what my body was doing.  After experiencing their customized treatment program for about five months, I had lab tests redone and to my surprise, EVERY ONE of my lab tests had improved over more than half.  I was absolutely ecstatic!  This has been a totally amazing and very rewarding experience.  I cannot think of another approach to health and wellness than what I am experiencing with Alternacare.  I look forward to my visits and living a healthy life.  Thank you to all, Dr. Rob, Pam, and the entire staff.  This has been an exceptional life altering experience.  God Bless you all!

Laura Dinkins.

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