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Category: Uncategorized • May 22 2008

GenevaBoone.jpgI started coming into “Alternacare Health and Rehab” because I had knee problems. My knee would hurt all the time. It would stay swollen and sore. I could not walk for long periods of time, and when I did walk I would have a limp. That limp would cause my lower back and hip to hurt as well. I had knee surgery February 2004 for a torn ligament in my knee, and from that day on I had worse knee pains then before the surgery. I did have to take some medicine after the surgery, but would suffer through most of the pain because I did not want to take any kind of medicine.
“Alternacare Health and Rehab” was an answer to my prayers. I knew from my first visit that I was going to get better. After my first visit, as I was walking out of the clinic, I already felt much better. It is amazing at the changes I feel. My knee no longer gives me any problems. The pains and aches in my lower back and my hip are gone. I can walk any distance now without suffering. I feel better then I have in years. Overall miracles have happened for me since I have started my care at “Alternacare Health and Rehab”. I cannot say anything but praise about the clinic, the staff, and the care. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Geneva Boone


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