Dear Dr. Rob and Team:

I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped enhance the lives of my family. Kahlil was having quite a bit of trouble with his temper and other physical things that I had no idea existed until we came to Alternacare. Being a teenager, Kahil is 15, it was odd that he was having all of the symptoms of an aging man. Gray hair, achey and hurting joints and a short temper. Dr. Rob diagnosed Kahlil with exhausted adrenals (WOW!) He put him on a supplementation program and we began to see results in about a weeks time. He is doing so much better! The gray hair is starting to leave, when they fall out or are cut no new ones grow back and his disposition is a total 180. He is so much more cooperative and laid back. His joints rarely ache or hurt anymore and he is quite athletic. He is a happy, well adjusted teen. It really is quite amazing. I just want to thank Dr. Rob and his team at Alternacare for all the care, cooperation and empathy they showed us while Kahlil was under treatment.
Thank you Alternacare.

Valerie Dotson

“Incredible Story”

Hi, my name is Kahlil Dotson I am 15 and I was one of Dr. Rob’s patients. I started working with Doctor Rob late last year, 2011, when I first meet doctor Rob I had bad ankle and knee joints that would pop all the time, I had mood swings, and I had grey hairs. With all this I thought I was just going to be stuck like that forever but to my surprise; a week after my first visit when I was prescribed supplements I noticed an improvement: me and my mom didn’t argue at all, my joints weren’t cracking as much and my grey hairs were fading back to black. I felt awesome. After a few more visits and getting a couple new medicines, I felt like I made a complete recovery I felt brand new instead of tired and sore all the time. I just want to thank Dr. Rob and his staff for making this possible they are truly a great group of people
Kahlil Dotson


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