Category: Joint Pain/Arthritis, Patient Testimonials • Apr 11 2011

Hi, I am thrilled to report that after only two months I feel great.  This story begins with me arriving at the center, exhausted and with joint pain so sore that I was constantly rubbing my elbows and knees.  At age 45 I felt like moving around was just too difficult.  I was not sure how I’d keep working if the pain got any worse.

After meeting with Chuck and then my doctor, I felt like my well being was truly their own interest.  I used the supplements and with two weeks I felt the positive results.  The approach at Alternacare is to get you well and on your way.  I am continuing with the supplements and at this point feel like I could run again, or even play tennis.

For those of you who have joint pain which is keeping you from enjoying life, consider my success as a reason to give Alternacare a try.  I feel wonderful.

Catherine Jellets


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