Joint Pain, Constipation, Edema, Weight

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Even as a young child I rarely had daily bowel movements. My grandfather, a doctor, explained that if that were normal for me, then so be it.
As a teen, I began experiencing edema in my ankles and joint pain. My parents sought the advice of many, as well as having me put in the hospital for numerous tests. Yet no one could find the cause. Medication was prescribed and with the pills I experienced the “rebound” effect – better one day, worse the next.
Besides having fat ankles, I gained weight all over as the years went by. (Especially after the birth of twins.)
Finally, I decided to try Alternacare. Why not? No one else could explain my idiopathic edema.
After only two months of careful observations, testing, and nutrition plan, I have improved! My joint pain is practically non-existent. My digestive tract is healthier so that elimination is more regular. My ankles are improving and I’ve lost 20lbs!
I can’t wait to continue the path to a healthier me. Thank you Alternacare for listening to all my symptoms and guiding me in my quest for better nutritional health.
Merry Todd


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