Your First Visit at AlternaCare

Category: Blog, Videos • Oct 22 2017

In this fist visit we are going to do the following 4 things:

  1. A Very in Depth Consultation–we leave no stone un-turned.
  2. A One-of-a-Kind Holistic Exam. We don’t do acupuncture but each acupuncture point is connected to an organ or gland in your body. We do a special, hands-on technique (no needles), that assess the acupuncture points. If an organ and/or gland shows up week, we know that part of the body requires further investigation.
  3. A File Review. We look the health survey that you filled out, your consultation and exam findings. From there we are able to determine lab testing or holistic testing that you need.
  4. Report of findings. Our Case Manager will sit down with you and review all the findings, explain additional costs up front, and most importantly, explain how we are going to help you. Just know, we do our best to work out finances with everyone.
There’s a lot that is done on your initial visit, however, there is an underlying goal that we have for you.  A direction that we are moving towards.  By the end of the first visit we will cover what’s needed in order to obtain this goal.
Much Love,
Dr. Rob
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