I Never Thought I Would Look and Feel This Good Again!

Before I came to Alternacare, I was tired of not being able to lose weight. I have also had difficulty sleeping for a very long time. Even with sleeping pills, I was not able to fall asleep. Since I have a family of Type 2 diabetics, my endocrinologist began medicating me. I have also been on medication for hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I was also experiencing leg, knee, and foot pain while walking. Due to the untimely death of my husband 11 years ago, I’ve also dealt with anxiety. In general, I had a lack of well being. Even though I walked and exercised, I was out of breath and in pain.  I never thought I would lose weight at my age with the metabolism issues that come with menopause and age. I was turning 70 in June, and I saw the ad for Alternacare. I wanted to try one more time and decided to try this program.

Since coming to Alternacare, I started feeling better after eating the recommended foods. The supplements did their job, and I am sleeping better and my knees are hurting less. I am happy I am able to stick to the foods in the program without craving sugar, bread, and rice. My grocery bills are surprisingly low eating organic foods and NO MORE junk! I’ve lost 14 pounds! I feel much lighter, more energetic, more regular, I fall asleep more easily and my CLOTHES LOOK GOOD! I run around a lot and everyone is surprised how old I am. I never thought I would look this good and feel this good again! – Sheela Puthumana

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