The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare were insomnia and fatigue.  Of course, I had many other symptoms such as gaining 50 pounds and not being able to loose it no matter what I did. I also had frequent chest pains that would keep me awake at night (I think it was gall bladder attacks).  My quality of life was suffering greatly.  Earlier in the year at my regular yearly doctor check up, I had told my doctor about all of my symptoms.  He immediately started prescribing medication for me.  I told him that I didn’t want to treat the symptoms, but I wanted to find the root of my problem.  As far as weight loss, I was exercising regularly and trying to eat right (although it was hard with all my cravings), but it seemed the more faithful I was the more weight I gained.  I really had almost given up.  I felt that if I had to live the rest of my life feeling the way I did, then I wanted to be hit by a bus or something to put me out of my misery.  I would come home and put on my pajamas and lay down the rest of the day.  My family suffered because I was so disengaged.  My depression was getting worse as well and I had to force myself to do the bare minimum each day.

After receiving treatment at Alternacare all of my symptoms have improved! I am now sleeping through the night and my sleep is deep, I feel rested in the morning!  As of today I have lost 37 pounds and I’m 15 pounds from my goal, which I have no doubt I will achieve!  I don’t feel anxious or depressed at all anymore!  My fatigue, cravings, and chest pains have all improved too and my quality of life is now much better!

Marley O.

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