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The main symptom that brought me into Alternacare was my weight.  I tried everything to loose weight including low-carb diets and diabetic diets.  I took medications for sugar control such as Victoza and Metformin but my sugar stayed high.  I did a hormone study and started Zumba but nothing seem to work for me.  At my worst I felt tired and in a rut only going to work and coming home.  I was ill and depressed and stayed stressed out all the time about the way I look and felt.  Even though I didn’t feel good I would push myself and try not to let my family know.  There were times when I would just feel like I couldn’t go one more step.  I didn’t feel like playing with my grandbabies or doing housework or any of the things I use to love to do.

After I came to Alternacare I lost 21 pounds.  I began to eat better and go to the gym.  I now look forward to exercising which is something new for me.  I’m off all of my medication and I have a much more positive attitude.  I feel wonderful!  I now read food labels and read a lot more about foods that are good for me and my family.  When I went to my doctor the first of March he was very proud of me and my new normal numbers.  My weight, diabetes, energy, allergies, hot flashes, blood pressure, skin, nails and overall feeling of wellness and attitude have all improved.  I still have more weight to lose before I reach my goal, but I am on my way and I now know that my goal is reachable.  Thank you for giving me back the old me!  I love the way I’m feeling and looking from the inside out.

Susan Burdett.

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