I was experiencing extreme moodiness and showing signs of depression before I came into Alternacare.  This concerned me because clinical depression runs in my family. I also had pretty bad PMS each month, bloating and gassy stomach after most meals and trouble staying awake in the afternoon.  I had a low sex drive and I was gaining weigh every month even though I was active and eating well.  To try and relieve my symptoms I tried taking vitamins.  I also went to the doctor and had blood test done but was told they were “normal” and due to aging I should probably get use to them.  I was depressed and wanting to sleep all the time.  I know the signs of clinical depression and I was afraid I was starting down that road.  I was growing distant from my husband and not enjoying being a mom and wife.  My self esteem was terrible.

After I received treatment at Alternacare I completely changed my diet…….. and I’m 100% better!  I have lost 10 pounds.  My depression and PMS has lifted and I have improvement in my memory and my skin (no acne).  My digestion is much better and I can stay awake in the afternoons with much more energy through the day.  I am sleeping though the night and I have less anxiety.   I feel so much better!  Thank you Alternacare!

Lisa Lowther.

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