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I first came to Dr. Rob in November. I had just moved to Newnan and was probably at one of the lowest points in my life. I was extremely overweight, had just been placed on thyroid medicine, was already on an anti-depressant and anxiety medication, and was dreading getting married in a year because I felt so terrible about myself. I have always had weight issues, but last year I was the biggest I had ever been. Although trying the two previous months to eat right, exercising (I was training for a 5k), and trying to lose weight, I had gained 7 pounds. I was hopeless. To put the icing on the cake, I had spent three months going to a medical doctor, trying to figure out what was going on with my body. I KNEW something was off, but nothing could really explain it. My doctor finally put me on thyroid medicine, although I only had minor problems. I was getting ready to give up. I was depressed, extremely unhappy with my body, and overall miserable with my life. I was supposed to get married in less than a year, and didn’t even want to put a dress on. My dad called me up one day and asked if I wanted to go to a live demonstration with a doctor that was right down the road from my house. The decision to go changed my life. After hearing Dr. Rob give his demonstration, I knew I had been taught all the wrong things about weight loss my entire life. I decided then to talk to Dr. Rob. It was my last resort; I had nothing to lose.

The first few visits, Dr. Rob taught me about bacteria and parasites in the body. It was very overwhelming, but Dr. Rob told me from day one, “Amelia, trust me, I can help you and get your body right. You have to be willing to do it, but we can get this fixed.” And he was right. Within the first month, I was off my anti-depressant and anxiety medicine. I was losing weight, slowly but surely, and was starting to feel better. I had my reserves at times, I’m impatient and like things done right away, but so far it has all been worth it. I’m five months in and here are my results; I have dropped 30 pounds, halfway to my goal weight, I have more energy, more patience, I have a confidence that I have never really had in my life, I’m overall a happier person, things I didn’t even know were wrong with me have gone away (i.e. fatigue, back pain), I sleep through the night soundly (no waking up and being wide awake!). My fiancée and family have even seen these results. My fiancée has told me multiple times how happier I seem, and how proud he is of me. It has been a hard road; changing my lifestyle and not just dieting, putting in the work and effort to make changes. However, it has been well worth it and I owe it all to Dr. Rob. Dr. Rob has done nothing but encourage and support me through the whole thing. For once, I am very hopeful about the future of my health, well-being, and body image. I always like to think of Dr. Rob and his team at AlternaCare as my saving grace of moving to Newnan. People have begun to ask me recently, what I am doing to lose all the weight. I give them this huge explanation, because it hasn’t been one thing. But I always tell them about AlternaCare and Dr. Rob and encourage them to go to a live demonstration with me. I encourage everyone on here to do the same. One thing Dr. Rob said in his demonstration is “Our bodies were made to heal themselves. For every symptom we have, there is a problem behind it, you just have to find it.” Our bodies DO have the power to heal, and Dr. Rob has found my issues and helped me to help my body heal. I encourage you, don’t give up. It’s hard, it’s a life change, but there IS a solution. Good luck on your life change!

Amelia Ware.

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