I Am Now Off of Thirteen Medications

Category: Patient Testimonials • Oct 18 2008

I have been coming to this office for three months. I saw the ad in the paper and put it in my pocketbook for six months, until I decided to make an appointment. I was very sick when I first started coming and Pam knows this is the truth!

In 1998 I was told that I had candidias, so I started on Sporanox. I have been taking it for ten years (What has that done to my liver? WOW!). I have been fighting this for ten years for nothing and have been very upset by it. It was a relief to find out I do not have candidias. I am now off of Sporonox! How great is that!?

        I have been taking four medications to have a bowel movement for years. I am now off of all four of these medications and have normal bowel movements. That has not happened in two to three years. WOW, again!

        The list goes on and on. I am now off of thirteen medications and feel like a teenager with a real life. Thanks to Pam, Dr. Rob and his wonderful staff I feel the BEST I have ever felt in twenty-three years.





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