Hypothyroidism & Weight Gain Caused by Symporter Defect

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Symporter defect is a cause to many people that suffer with hypothyroidism.  If you have a confirmed thyroid problem or you have a lot of thyroid symptoms but your doctor always says that your thyroid hormone levels are fine then you might have a symporter defect.  In this short video Dr. Rob explains exactly what that is and how to go about handling it.

Many people develop thyroid problems and have no clue why they developed.  Some think that they are going to have to take thyroid medication for the rest of their life.  It’s like a life sentence.
 “Well Miss, your body is not making enough thyroid hormone so you will be receiving a ‘death-till-you-part sentence’ with this particular thyroid medication.   The worst part is

some people take thyroid medication, and while their blood tests improve, their symptoms do not.  They still suffer with being overweight, tired and depressed.  They can develop food cravings, have hair loss, weak nails and a host of other problems.  If some of these people just looked a bit further they would find a symporter defect behind their thyroid problem.
hypothyroidism symporter defect

A symporter defect means there is a defect in the symporter gene.  This gene, well actually a set of genes, are called the sodium iodide symporter genes.  These genes do a very special thing in the human body.  These genes cause the thyroid gland to be able to hold onto thyroid hormone.  Now way is this so important?  Well, your thyroid gland must be able to absorb and hold onto iodine.  If it can’t hold onto the iodine long enough to make thyroid hormone then guess what?  You’re not going to have enough thyroid hormone.

 symporter gene hypothyroid thyroid problems
Now the really cool thing is that there are actually things a person can do to help their thyroid condition if they have a symporter defect but no one ever really talks about it.  The first thing that they need to do is identify which gene or genes have mutated.  There are 6 genes that need to be looked including; G93R, Q267E, C272X, T354P, Y531X and G543E.  I’m sure that probably looks more like a code you’d punch into to activate your new computer software.  In truth, as stated in research done at the Department of Medicine in The University of Chicago, they have found that various combinations in these genes can lead to hypothyroidism.
Root Cause
Now in the holistic world we don’t “treat” thyroid disease.  What can be done is specialized 24 hour urine study combined with a genetic test to see if you have genetic mutations in the symporter gene.  These tests can help a person get to the underlying cause of their hypothyroidism, thyroid symptoms and weight gain.
 24 hour urine test symporter gene hypothyroid thyroid
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