Hyperthyroidism Goiter – Leah Stone

There were periods in my life where I felt like I was going to die.Four years ago I developed a goiter on my thyroid, three nodules to be exact and hyperthyroidism. I could not tolerate sugar or flour products of any kind without feeling like I was going to jump out of my skin and heart palpitations that were very frightening, so I started going to various allopathic doctors to determine a treatment plan for my disease state. The term Nuclear medicine got tossed around in order to determine the course of action the doctors would take or worse having my thyroid taken out.

I decided that was not the avenue I wanted to pursue, but when I chose not to go that path I was chastised and humiliated within the medical field, as if I were stupid. I knew nutritional healing worked. I firmly believe in God’s word that herbs and food help to heal the body.

So when I saw the workshop Dr. DeBease was giving in a newspaper article, I leapt at the chance to attend. He said all the things I knew and had studied at great length that through proper nutrition our bodies can heal itself. I had tried for several months to treat myself, but Dr. DeBease held the missing key to my nutrition. The tests he ordered gave him the right tools to reverse my disease rather than slap a Band-Aid fix or throw pharmaceuticals at my problem.

I suffered with; hyperthyroidism, fatigue, numbness in the whole left side of my body, dizzy spells, major heart palpitations, my nail beds had pulled away from the skin and insomnia. To be quite honest there were periods in my life when I felt that I was going to die. My thought process was very skewed. I felt as if I were going to have a mental breakdown at times, knowing all along it was my thyroid creating the confusion, but lacking the tools and knowledge of its exact cause left me feeling desperate. When Dr. DeBease discussed what he believed were causing my problems this is something that no other doctor within a fifty mile radius from here to Atlanta had ever told me… When my test came back he was dead on with his assessment.

Since my treatment began my nodules have gone from three to one in a matter of months. I know in time they will go away completely. My numbness has gone away completely. My heart palpitations have diminished greatly and my fatigue has improved a lot as well. I finally feel like I have my life back. I am just so thankful to have found Dr. DeBease and his wonderful staff that truly care in treating the patient rather than the symptoms.

Leah Stone


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