How to Use the Banana

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How to Use the Banana

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My wife sometimes calls me bananas and maybe that’s because I really enjoy them. So, let’s set the record straight on this nutrient rich fruit.

The most popular variety of bananas is the Cavendish bananas and they have different stages of ripening, which I will cover below.  Cavendish bananas go from green to yellow, to deep yellow with brown spots to a very dark brown. Every stage of the banana is used in different ways.

Don’t eat the dark green or the dark brown banana. The dark green is almost 100% indigestible fiber that can make a person feel bloated and sick. Only a special type of person can eat these bad boys.How to Use the Banana

The dark brown banana is basically partially fermented and really high in sugar. Unless, you are trying to pull someone out of a hypoglycemic crash stay way from these guys. They will shoot your blood sugar up to fast, possibly stress your immune system and make you feel overall not so great.

How to Use the Banana

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A mostly green banana with some yellow is one of my favorite because it’s really low in sugar, a great prebiotic, which can improve gut flora and helps to KILL OFF H. PYLORI!!!

How to Use the Banana

The traditional yellow banana with no black specs in it is probably the overall best for most people. As the banana ripens the nutrient density improves so it literally becomes higher in vitamins and minerals.How to Use the Banana

The banana that is yellow with some black may be good for someone that is about to do some killer high intensity workout and needs the quick release in sugar. This is what I’d call the ATHLETE’S BANANA but probably not ideal for the rest of us.

How to Use the Banana


Ultimately, the banana can be good for stomach problems like ulcers, reducing h. pylori, improving our intestinal flora and providing a great source of nutrients.

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