Preparing for Your at Home GSR Zyto Scan


Now the fun part!  Here’s EXACTLY what you need to do to prepare for your GSR Zyto home scan.

  1. You MUST USE a Windows compatible laptop or desktop computer.
  2. You CAN NOT USE a Mac computer, chrome Book, android tablet, cellular phone or iPAD device.
  3. Go to the following —-> Click on This Link   Scroll down the page and Download 2 items:
    2. “DOWNLOAD 64 BIT”
    3. Look at the blue arrows in the below picture.  Those are the two items that you want to download. 
  4. The “Remote App” should now be downloaded as a “setup.exe” file located at the bottom or top of your computer screen.  Look at the blue arrows in the below picture. Click on that file that the blue arrows are pointing to on YOUR computer screen. 
  5. After you click on the above “setup.exe” file another window should pop up that will look something like this:
  6. Now click the “Install Button” as you see in the above picture.    It is perfectly safe to download. 
  7. Once it’s done installing another window will pop up that looks like the below. Notice it is asking you for a code.  You WILL NOT GET A CODE UNTIL YOUR VISIT. The doctor or technician will provide you with a code. Congratulations!  You a done with this step 🙂
  8. Now click on the other file at the bottom of your screen that should be in a folder labeled “CDM21229_Setup…”  Look at the below picture.  It’s the one with the RED arrows pointing at it.
  9. Those files that you just downloaded will need to be extracted.  Another window should pop up that looks like the below.  Double click on the setup file.  It’s the file with the red arrows in the picture below that will be on your computer:
  10. After you double click on this file you’ll be asked for permission to extract the files.  Select YES.
  11. After you select YES you may have to select yes again and agree to the terms and conditions. Then the 64 Bit drivers will be downloaded and you will be ready to be scanned.
  12. The last thing you need to do is sign the Zyto GSR Notification, Agreement and Consent form.  Just CLICK HERE

If you have any issues with the downloading, please make sure to contact ZYTO support prior to your initial consultation @ 1-801-224-7199. We want to make sure that we have enough time to do your scan, as well as review the findings with you.

Below is a video explaining the above in a lesser detailed fashion.

We are so excited that you will be receiving the GSR Zyto Wellness scan while enjoying the comfort of your own home or wherever it is you happen to be 🙂

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