How To Lower Blood Pressure in 15 Seconds

Category: Blog, Videos • Sep 14 2018

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How to lower blood pressure in as little as 15 seconds is a video that covers a natural technique to lower blood pressure.

Learn Baroreceptor Massage Technique.

This is a very simple yes powerful massage technique that you can do on yourself to potentially lower blood pressure and/or rapid heart rate in as little as 15 seconds.

If you or someone you love suffers with high blood pressure, stress induced high blood pressure or anxiety this can be a great tool for you to learn.

Check out the above video to learn more.

Steps to perform the baroreceptor self-massage

  1. Take your index and ring finger and find your throat (trachea) just below your jaw.

  2. Mover your fingers just to the side of your throat (trachea) in that area and you should feel a little dip or whole.

  3. Press gently in that area until you feel your pulse.  When you feel it, you have found your carotid artery.

  4. Gently start massaging the carotid artery in a circular motion for 3 to 5 seconds.

  5. Continue this process moving up and down your carotid artery as Dr. Rob demonstrates in the video.

Take the Heart Stress Test


  1. Do not use this information with out first consulting your licensed medical doctor.

  2. This technique is not a treatment for disease and could be dangerous if someone suffers with lower blood pressure.

  3. Never do both arteries at the same time as this can cause dizziness or unconsciousness.

  4. The information in the video is for educational purposes only.

The heart stress test is a non-diagnostic tool designed to help us understand the degree of stress your heart and body may currently be under.

We will call you for a Free Consultation with our Naturopath or Certified Health Coach to review the results of your Heart Stress Test.

Disclaimer:  this test is not a substitute for medical care by a cardiologist or medical doctor and is for educational purposes only.


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