How To Lose Weight and Keep it Off for People that Can’t Lose Weight and Keep it Off

How frustrating is it when your trying to eat right, trying to exercise right and drinking so much water that they are about to name an ocean after you but you still can’t lose the weight?  Ugh!

Even worse, your spouse decides to stop having a third serving at dinner and drops 10 pounds but you’re stuck losing the same 10 pounds, over and over again, never truly hitting and maintaining your weight loss goal.

Stressed Woman Adrenal Fatigue

Well, I got the webinar for you!

I call it, How To Lose Weight and Keep it Off for People That Can’t Lose Weight and Keep it Off.

Bethany and I at a seminar I did on a similar topic. This Webinar could be even better!

I was one of those “people” so I thought the title was appropriate 🙂

At the webinar I’m going to cover some really important stuff:

  • Learn: 5 Things Stopping Weight Loss that most people are unaware of.

  • Identify: How to Identify which one of these 5 things is stopping your weight loss.

  • Tools: Receive tools and tips to help you address your specific weight loss block

  • Solutions: Learn exactly what I did for myself and for others with weight and health problems.

  • Secrets: I’m going to share some personal information with you about how I was able to lose the weight and keep it off for so long.

Webinar Date and Time:

Date: This Thursday 5-09-19

Time: 7:00 PM EST

Share (text it, email it or share it on your social media page) the following webinar link with a friend or family member that you think could benefit from this Webinar.

As you can see in my brand new, impromptu picture below, you can lose the weight and you can keep it off. (I’m actually embarrassed to take these pictures so I hope and pray someone finds motivation in them… wife hates my before pic….yuck!)

Back in 2009 I was dying. I could barely walk down the street without my heart rate going through the roof. I would have to change my clothes 2 to 3 times a night from all the sweating due to problems with my liver. I was in bed 23 out of 24 hours each day. Couldn’t work, couldn’t be a dad, a husband and was so very sick….it was the worst time in my life.

It was the same technology that I used on my patients that I used on myself to massively improve the health of my body, mind and spirit.

The above before and after picture was taken just a couple days ago in my office on a whim.

In this webinar I’m going to share with you information that I’ve never shared before and explain just how I lost the weight and keep it off.

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Webinar Date and Time:
Date: This Thursday 5-09-19
Time: 7:00 PM EST

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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